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Nasty Couple: Pudding Enema Experiment In The Shower With John X And Dazri

Nasty Couple: Pudding Enema Experiment In The Shower With John X And Dazri Front DVD Cover Nasty Couple: Pudding Enema Experiment In The Shower With John X And Dazri Back DVD Cover
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Scene Description For:
Nasty Couple: Pudding Enema Experiment In The Shower With John X And Dazri

Beefy bear stud John X gets together with the fully bushed redheaded coed Dazri for outrageous uninhibited sexual experimentation. Both of their asses get loaded with white chocolate pudding and they push it out for your viewing pleasure. John X even eats pudding out of Dazri's tight ass! John X brings Dazri to multiple orgasms with his expert pleasuring skills. The two then romantically wash each other in the shower and lovingly dry each other off. You can expect to see enema play, food play, expertly performed cunnilingus, fellatio, anilingus, and vaginal intercourse as well as all the affection, sensuality you've come to expect from John X.

This video shows that outrageous hardcore sex can be beautifully erotic and is a great choice for couples, women, and men who want to walk on the wild side.

The scene begins with John X And Dazri kissing and touching in the bath tub. John X goes down on Dazri's sweet pussy and she returns the favor by sucking John's perfect curved cock. Dazri bends over and John X fucks her from behind briefly. Then the experimenting begins.

Dazri sticks her cute ass in the air and John X injects some white chocolate pudding into her tight butthole. Dazri pushes the pudding out of her ass onto John's lap! John X then licks Dazri's pudding drooling asshole! That's some nasty enema felching and anal rimming for you!

John X then puts some pudding on Dazri's perfect perky breasts and licks it off her pert nipples. Then John X puts pudding on his beautiful hard cock for Dazri to suck off. The two sexual explorers then swap the pudding with each other.

Dazri is so horny and sensitive that just air blowing on her clit is enough to stimulate her. John X dives into her hairy muff to really make her cum and it doesn't take long before she's in the throws of orgasmic ecstasy. Dazri then mounts John X for a brief fuck on his lap then bends over to get fucked from behind. Then it's time to experiment further.

Dazri squirts some pudding on John's hairy balls and licks and sucks his balls to clean it up much to his delight. Dazri then squirts some pudding in John's hairy ass crack and licks his asshole and rubs his balls! Dazri then injects some pudding into his tight asshole. John X then pushes the pudding from his ass for us to see.

John X then injects Dazri's hot little ass with more pudding and she pushes it out and John licks it from her asshole. John X then fills a large turkey baster with the white chocolate pudding and fills Dazri's tight ass with it as Dazri giggles to the unusual sensation. John X licks her ass and plays with her pussy until she squirts a big load of pudding out of her ass and onto John's hairy chest.

John X then goes down on Dazri's sweet pussy some more - something they both love to do. John X uses his expert cunnilingus skills to bring Dazri to another intense and loud orgasm. The sexual explorers then decide to continue with another experiment.

John X uses a clear tube to suck pudding into and get it all over Dazri's sexy little body and face. They both laugh and play as John X covers her up and cleans her up with his tongue.

John X then wants to make Dazri cum some more. He plays with her clit with a vibrator, and fingers. John X also plays with her pert nipples and finger fucks her ass and pussy to bring her to another orgasm.

It's time to clean up now and John X lovingly washes Dazri's beautiful body and licks and sucks her toes to Dazri's delight. John X affectionately washes Dazri's hair. Dazri seductively sucks on his finger after he gently touches her face. John X then playfully licks Dazri's arm pits to her surprise!

Dazri then washes John's beefy hairy body. She gets down to his cock and can't help but suck on his beautiful tool some more. The lovers kiss passionately and touch each other with great affection as the water streams down on their bodies.

Dazri steps out of the shower and John X gently dries her beautiful body. John X then steps out and Dazri towels him off with sweet playfulness. The sex explorers then passionately kiss and engage in a loving embrace as the scene comes to an end.

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Running Time: 52 Minutes
Starring: Dazri John X

Sex Acts In This Video:
anal play for her
anal play for him
anilingus for her by man
anilingus for him by woman
cunnilingus by man
enema felching by him
enema for her
enema for him
food sex
intercourse vaginal
kissing between men and women
orgasms female multiple
pussy to mouth woman to woman
toys for her

Female Performer Look In This Video:
age college coed
age kitten
bodytype athletic
bodytype petite
breasts natural
breasts small
butt - tight
ethnic white
hair color redhead
hair length long
hair style curly
look hairy bush

Male Performer Look In This Video:
age daddy
bodytype beefy
butt - bubble butt
cock average
ethnic white
facial hair - full beard
hair color brown
hair length short
look balls shaved
look bear
look hairy arms
look hairy body
look hairy butt
look hairy chest
look hairy legs

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