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3-Way Fantasy: John X And Trinity X Play With SweetD

3-Way Fantasy: John X And Trinity X Play With SweetD Front DVD Cover 3-Way Fantasy: John X And Trinity X Play With SweetD Back DVD Cover
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Scene Description For:
3-Way Fantasy: John X And Trinity X Play With SweetD

Bear super stud, John X decides to bring in beautiful MILF SweetD to have a 3-Way sex party with hot MILF Trinity X and him to celebrate Trinity's birthday. Trinity X gets spoiled with sensual and sexual attention by John X and SweetD. Trinity X gets vaginal and anal intercourse on John's beautiful curved cock and gets double penetration when SweetD puts on a strap-on. John X enjoys the attention from the ladies and works hard to satisfy two of the sexiest MILF's ever. SweetD also gets the sensual and sexual attention she craves. She rides John's hard cock and expert tongue and Trinity also gives her plenty of sapphic attention. You can expect to see plenty of passionate kissing, sensual touching, expert cunnilingus, sexy fellatio, hot vaginal sex, anal sex, strap-on sex, double penetration, and performers having lots of fun together fulfilling this common fantasy. This video is a great choice for couples, women, and men.

John X tells Trinity X that he got her something for her birthday and brings in SweetD. John X and SweetD start touching and kissing Trinity X and take her clothes off and start going down on her sweet pussy. Soon all of them have their clothes of and are kissing and giving each other oral pleasure. Trinity X sits on John's face and rides his skilled tongue as SweetD plays with her tits and kisses her. Trinity X 69's John X and SweetD provides some anilingus to Trinity's tight ass. Then both sexy MILF's start sucking John's hard cock and licking his balls.

SweetD then sits on John's face to get some oral attention for her sweet pussy. Trinity X plays with SweetD's beautiful breasts as John X works his expert tongue deep inside her. SweetD then lays on her back and spreads her legs so John X and Trinity X can take turns licking her sweet pussy. John X goes down on SweetD and Trinity X plays with SweetD's tits and they kiss.

Trinity X mounts John X cowgirl style and slowly rides his beautiful cock. SweetD plays with Trinity's tight body as she grinds. Trinity X moans loudly as SweetD licks her ass as John X fucks her pussy. John X provides sensual touches to Trinity X to pleasure her completely. John X then mounts Trinity X doggy style as SweetD licks her clit. Trinity moans even more.

Trinity then mounts John X reverse cowgirl style. SweetD licks her clit as John's hard cock goes deep inside Trinity's hot pussy. Trinity moans loudly, pants, and screams as the sexual pleasure engulfs her beautiful body. John X and SweetD don't stop and let her orgasm last. As Trinity comes down from her state of ecstasy, John X provides more of his incredible sensual touch to Trinity X as she slowly grinds on his cock.

Trinity X repositions her legs and rides John's cock hard, bouncing up and down on him and moaning loudly in pleasure. She slowly slides off John's hot cock and SweetD sucks his cock right out of Trinity's soaked pussy (PTM). SweetD then sits on John's face again and rubs Trinity as Trinity rides John's hard cock some more.

Sexy MILF SweetD then mounts John X cowgirl style and goes for a hot ride on his hard cock. Trinity X plays with SweetD's sweet pussy and beautiful breasts. Trinity X then gets behind SweetD and rubs SweetD's sexy body as she rides John's hard cock. The three bounce, moan, and laugh in enjoyment. Trinity then licks John's balls as his cock goes deep inside SweetD's soaked pussy. John X moans loudly in pleasure.

The two hot MILF's then take turns sucking John's beautiful curved cock which John X enjoys immensely. John X then has the beautiful ladies lay next to each other as he goes back and forth licking their sweet pussies with his expert tongue.

John X then has Trinity X get on top of SweetD so he can go back and forth licking SweetD's sweet pussy and Trinity's hot ass. The ladies moan loudly as John X goes down on them like he's starving. John X then slides his cock deep inside Trinity's tight pussy and she begins to moan in pleasure. John X then slides his hard cock into SweetD's pussy and she begins to moan as he thrusts deep inside her. John X reaches around and plays with Trinity's clit as he fucks SweetD faster. Both beautiful MILF's are moaning louder as John X works hard to pleasure them.

John X then has the ladies lay down on top of each other face up. He then slides his hard cock into Trinity's pussy and begins to pound her. SweetD plays with Trinity's nipples and John X fucks her and Trinity is moaning loud and almost screaming in ecstasy in just a matter of seconds.

John X then slides his cock deep inside SweetD's sweet pussy and begins thrust deep inside her. SweetD almost immediately begins moaning loudly as the pleasure builds. John X pounds SweetD's pussy hard and fast and fingers Trinity's clit and plays with her nipples. Both women are moaning loudly and screaming as John X expertly works them both over sexually.

SweetD then mounts John X cowgirl style and goes for a hot cock ride. SweetD slides off John's cock so Trinity can suck off her sweet honey off his cock. Trinity then guides John's beautiful cock back inside SweetD's hot pussy. Trinity X then sits on John's face to get some more expert oral attention while SweetD continues to ride his hard cock. Trinity X and SweetD look into each others eyes and move together for a hot kiss as SweetD cums.

John X then has SweetD lay on her back so he can pleasure her sweet pussy with his experienced tongue. Trinity X begins to suck John's cock and then mounts him cowgirl style. All three of them start moaning in pleasure and Trinity X begins screaming as ecstasy takes over. John X fingers SweetD's clit and tongue fucks her pussy as she moans loudly in pleasure. SweetD then sits on John's face and rides his tongue as Trinity X grinds his cock. All three moan in pleasure.

SweetD puts on a strap-on and Trinity X mounts her cowgirl style and slides the long dong deep into her hot pussy. John X gently bangs Trinity's tight asshole with his lubed finger. Trinity X then mounts John X reverse cowgirl style sliding his hard cock deep into her tight ass. Trinity slowly rides John's hard cock as SweetD approaches with the strap-on. SweetD slides the strap-on into Trinity's pussy while John's hard cock is still in Trinity's hot ass for a DP. Trinity is almost immediately close to orgasm as both her holes are filled and then she begins to scream with pleasure.

Trinity X then mounts SweetD cowgirl style and slides the dong into her pussy and rides as John X fondles her hot body. John X then moves around to perform some expert anilingus on Trinity X as she rides the strap-on. Trinity X then mounts John X reverse cowgirl style sliding his hard cock into her tight ass. SweetD rubs Trinity's clit as rides John's hard cock. Trinity X quickly rides her way to an anal orgasm screaming loudly.

Trinity then slowly rides John's cock as he and SweetD give her sensual touching as the icing on the cake to her intense orgasm. Trinity X is nearly drained from the intensity of her orgasms and slides off John's cock and suck it right out of her ass. SweetD goes for a taste of Trinity's ass off of John's cock too.

Trinity X then lays down between SweetD and John X as they give her sensual attention with fingers and tongues. John X and SweetD then cuddle with Trinity X and kiss her as the scene comes to a close.

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Running Time: 87 Minutes
Series: 3-Way Fantasy
Starring: John X SweetD Trinity X

Sex Acts In This Video:
69 man and woman
69 woman and woman
anal play for her
anilingus for her by man
ass to mouth woman to woman
bisexual female action
cunnilingus by man
cunnilingus by woman
double penetration
fellatio by two or more women
group 3 way mff
intercourse anal
intercourse vaginal
kissing between men and women
kissing between women
pussy to mouth woman to woman
strap on vaginal intercourse
toys for her

Female Performer Look In This Video:
age milf
bodytype athletic
bodytype average
bodytype chubby
bodytype petite
breasts average size
breasts natural
butt - tight
ethnic white
hair color brunette
hair length medium
hair style curly
hair style straight
look shaved pussy
look tattoos - a few

Male Performer Look In This Video:
age daddy
bodytype beefy
butt - bubble butt
cock average
ethnic white
facial hair - clean shaven
hair color brown
hair length short
look bear
look hairy arms
look hairy body
look hairy butt
look hairy chest
look hairy legs

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